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Common Pet Toxins: A Dangerous Guessing Game

Guessing games can be fun, but not when they concern your pet’s health and wellbeing. Nearly every home holds dangerous pet toxins, and you must be aware of these hazards to be able to prevent your pet from ingesting a poison. March is Pet Poison Prevention Month and the perfect time to test your skills [...]

4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Pet’s Dental Care

Ignoring any aspect of your pet’s care can lead to substantial treatment expenses to restore their comfort and health. Dental care is the best example—left untreated, dental disease can invade every part of your pet’s body and cause not only loose teeth, tooth-root abscesses, and jawbone loss, but also systemic infection, heart damage, and kidney [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Puppy’s First Year

Nothing is better than adopting a puppy—their big, innocent eyes, cute floppy ears, and precious rolls—but, of course, raising a puppy is also a big commitment. You are not alone in feeling a bit overwhelmed at puppy parenting’s responsibilities, and the first year can be especially challenging as you navigate puppyhood’s milestones and the ups [...]

Hello, Friend—Tips for Welcoming Your Adopted Pet

With more than 6.3 million pets entering U.S. animal shelters every year, your new best friend is out there waiting to be found and adopted. At Tamberly Animal Hospital, we believe that pet adoption is one of the kindest ways to repay animals for their gift of unconditional love. And, while we also believe in [...]

6 Tips to Protect Your Pet This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a fun and festive time, but the celebratory setting can endanger your pet if you don’t take certain precautions. Our Tamberly Animal Hospital team wants to help by offering tips to protect your pet during the holiday season. #1: Keep your pet secure during holiday celebrations Many pets are upset by [...]

A Senior Pet’s Perspective On Quality of Life

Dear Human, It’s me—Sammy, your senior pet. We’ve been best friends since I was a tiny fluff ball—boy, was I cute, if I do say so myself. But now, I’m obviously getting older—I have more silver whiskers, I’m a little slower on our walks, and sometimes I need a little help getting up the stairs. [...]

Oh, My Achy Back!

Your 4-year-old dachshund seems completely normal while they are enjoying quality couch time with you, but then they jump to the floor, and immediately start yelping. When you pick them up to determine the problem, they become more upset. You also notice that they seem to be having trouble using their hind limbs. Your poor [...]

Nowhere to Hide—Heartworm Disease and Indoor Cats

Heartworms are relentless, life-threatening parasites that affect wild mammals, dogs, ferrets, and cats—including those who live exclusively indoors. If you believe your indoor cat is low-risk for heartworm disease, consider the tiny, resilient, and ubiquitous nature of the mosquito—the primary vector (i.e., carrier) for heartworm disease. If you’ve ever marveled—or screamed—at a mosquito buzzing inside [...]

7 Pet Heat Safety Tips

Georgia’s hot and sticky summer weather is no secret, which makes safely enjoying the outdoors with your pet challenging. Our Tamberly Animal Hospital team provides these tips to help you ensure your furry pal can play safely outside and avoid heat-related injuries. #1: Change your pet’s walking route Is your pet’s favorite walking route on [...]

First Class Fido—Travel Pet-iquette for Pets by Pets

Dear fellow pets, As a jet-setting pet myself, I want to wish you bone-voyage on your upcoming travel plans. However, I must warn you—trusting a human with your summer travel itinerary almost ensures lots of turbulence, speed bumps, and wrong turns. Fortunately, the always supportive Tamberly Animal Hospital team helped me put together a survival [...]

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