Booms, Bangs, and Blasts: Your Pet’s Worst Fear

You’ve likely seen your furry pal dive under the coffee table when the vacuum comes out, or seek shelter in your closet during a thunderstorm, but did you know this specific fear has a name? Noise aversion is a common, yet underdiagnosed, condition that affects cats and dogs. Many pet owners believe their pet’s fear [...]

Allergies In Pets: Your Questions Answered

At the height of the growing season, when pollen is thick in the air, your seasonal allergies make you downright miserable. Itchy, watery eyes and constant sneezing herald bright blooms, tall grasses, and fully leafed trees, but you wish you could enjoy the beautiful flora without your allergy symptoms. You’re grateful your furry pal doesn’t [...]

A Seat at the Table—Pet-Friendly Holiday Foods

At Tamberly Animal Hospital, we focus on preventing illness and injury in pets through owner education. And, while we encourage owners to include their pets in their daily lives, when we cover holiday festivities, our advice often includes more “don’ts” than “do’s.”  This month, we’d like to change that by providing some safe, healthy ways [...]

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